Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue
Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue
"For The Son Of Man Came To Seek And To Save The Lost"  -Luke 19:10

Search Pre-Registration

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming search please fill out the following form completely. Filling out this form helps to save us time the day of the search and lets us know how many people are coming and what they are able to do. If you do not fill out this form before coming to the search you will be required to fill it out upon your arrival.
Search Volunteer Pre-Registration Form

Please fill out the form completely. Any information given in this form will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the search for which it is used. You must be 18 years old to volunteer unless previously cleared by SEK9SAR staff.

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 Privacy Terms

By checking the box I acknowledge that all information as pertaining to the search I am registering for is to be kept confidential. I agree that I may not share information and that if I violate this confidentiality agreement any of the following may happen:
1. Dismissal From Search
2. Banned From Other Searches
3. Legal Prosecution

In retyping my name below
I certify that all information provided is true and correct.
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