Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue
Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue
"For The Son Of Man Came To Seek And To Save The Lost"  -Luke 19:10

About Us

Welcome to Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue!

Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue is a Non-Profit Organizaation that provides specially trained Search and Rescue Personnel, K-9 Units, and Equipment to most of the United States. We are staffed by 100% Volunteers and receive absolutely NO Government Funding.

It is our mission to save lives by providing our personnel, K-9s, and equipment free of charge to Disaster and Emergency Situations throughout the country. Our search and rescue personnel hold active certifications from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Fire Academy (NFA), American Heart Association (AHA), Department of Homeland Security, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), American Red Cross, University of Texas A&M, National Preparedness Directorate, National Institute for Justice, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg, Columbia University, Yale New Haven as well as too many others to mention.

Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue in the past few years has worked missions in Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and New York. We have worked National Disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, where we worked in Breezy Pointe New York, the hardest hit place in the nation. We also worked the EF-5 Tornado in Moore Oklahoma this year. We have been involved in High Profile Missing Persons Cases such as Sidney Randall, Holly Bobo, Bradley Rogers, Rachel Conger etc. These are just to name a few as most of what we do on the missing persons end requires confidentiality.

We currently have K-9 Teams based in East TN, Middle TN, Southern KY, and Eastern AR. Our K-9 Teams all dispatch from the same dispatch office but by placing offices in several locations we cut our response time which is critical to saving lives at times. Our K-9 Teams usually dispatch with a minimum of one K-9, one handler, and one flanker, but can be dispatched with support personnel and any other equipment that may be necessary for completion of the mission.

Our team is also  trained for missions other than just K-9 Rescue. We have members who are trained for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue, Rappelling/Rope Rescue, Extrication, Wildland Fire Fighting, Confined Space Rescue, Cave Rescue,Animal Rescue Response, ETC. We also have a forensic team that is available to local law enforcement upon request which is made of personnel from several different investigative fields.

Our team has many other missions that we do in our idle time when not on dispatch. We offer CPR classes, free of charge to any person or group in our area. We conduct trainings and mock missions in different communities and on different landscapes to insure optimum use of our animals and staff. Most of these trainings are open for public exhibition. We are working with Fire Corps to allow citizens to help our team in a support services roll without having to work as a fully operational responder. We have just started a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to help the community in the event that the Emergency Responders are overwhelmed or unable to respond to an emergency. We also Place and Train Dogs with other organizations in places where they are previously unavailable.

Our team has received awards from President Barack Obama (President's Volunteer Service Award), and Former President George H W Bush (National Points of Light Award). We have received multiple proclamations for going beyond the call of duty from the Tennessee State Senate. We have received proclamations from the Tennessee House of Representatives. We have received Certificates of Appreciation from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and Letters of Thanks from Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies including Lawrence County TN Sheriff's Department.

We put our all into everything we do. If we are working with you or your department you can be guaranteed that you will be our #1 Priority. We are here because you guys keep calling us, and as long as you do we intend on being here for you.

You can find more information on CERT or Firecorps by clicking on the Logo below!


Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue is not affiliated with Southeast K-9 Search & Rescue Inc of Tallahassee FL.