Southeast K-9

Search and Rescue

For the Son of Man Came to Seek and To Save the Lost      -Luke 19:10


Fema / Susar Certified Dogs

Team has combined over 500 Certifications in Search and Rescue and Evidence Recovery Related Fields.


Recognized By:

TN Senate - TN House of Reps

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

President Barack Obama

Fmr President George H W Bush


Cases in TN, AR, NC, SC, KY, OK, NY, MS, AL, GA, FL, MO,


Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue is an All-Volunteer team. We are always taking applications for new members. If you enjoy traveling all over the nation without notice, spending long days training, and risking your life for someone you have never met, you would probably love our team. Just keep in mind that it takes tons of work before you ever go to your first call. You will spend tons of time and money just getting ready. To do what we do, you have to want to live a life of service or it just won't work.

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

We are working on one of the first Nationwide Tornado Response Units. This unit will be equipped with everything needed not only to make a rescue from a collapsed building, but to get to the emergency through any obstacle that stand in the way. At the end of the day we can provide Human Remains Detection and Recovery to bring closure in cases without a happy ending

Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue's Mission is to Save Lives and Give Closure to Families by providing Highly Skilled Personnel, K-9s, and Equipment to Disaster Situations and Missing Persons all over the United States.

SEK9SAR has many trainings that are available for public access. We do demonstrations throughout the year with many groups. We also allow the public to help with certain searches (pending Law Enforcement). Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest information on our team and where you can meet us.

Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue Dispatch Protocol


Southeast K-9 Search and Rescue may only be deployed by Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, or Incident Commander of competent jurisdiction. Family can request us by asking the responding department to have us deployed. Family Members may also call us directly and a member of our team will help you to get through the proper dispatch protocols.

If you need help call SEK9SAR Dispatch @ (931) 209-8863


Meet Our K-9s

Bear - HRD

Bear has worked Nationwide and has been recognized by the TBI, TN Senate & House


Zeus - HRD Rubble

Zeus is recognized as an HRD K-9 by the FEMA program. He has worked and Trained Nationwide

Rush - USAR Rubble

Rush is part of the FEMA Response System and has worked and trained Nationwide.

Junior - Mantracking

Junior has many successful tracks and has worked all over the Southeast.

24 Hour Dispatch: (931) 209-8863   ***IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE***

Office: (931) 582-7600       ***Leave a Message and We will Call You Back***


Cocoa is a working therapy dog and is training for Human Remains Detection. Coco is also AKC CGC.